How to Add a ‘Scroll To Top’ Arrow On Your WordPress Site

Scroll to top arrow

So you’ve just installed an amazing looking theme and customized it some. Wrote your brilliant and fairly lengthy blog entry. Proof read on your mobile device to find out that when you get to the bottom, you are having to use your finger to scroll back to the top of the page! That’s a lot of work.

You start thinking, should I install another theme that has the scroll feature? But do not fret. There is a plugin for that.

From our dashboard, hover “Plugins” and click “Add New“.

WordPress dashboard add plugin

From the search box on the right enter something like “scroll top“.

Search for plugin

Excellent, we’ll use WPFront Scroll Top. I am not endorsing this or any particular plugin, but I have used and it works. You are welcome to try other excellent scroll to top offerings. Click “Install Now“.

Install Plugin - WordPress -

Click “Activate“.

Activate plugin WordPress

You will be taken to the plugins’ setting page. Make sure “Enabled” is checked.

Enable WordPress Scroll Plugin

Wow, quite a few arrow options here. You might even spend a day or two going through them all. This will be the most difficult part of the process but for the sake of this article, click one, then press the “Save Changes” button.

Select an arrow for scroll then save

Head over to your site and voila! You can now save your visitors’ time and grief by giving them a stress-free option of heading back up with the press of an arrow. No more tedious scrolling up with your fingers, how primitive.

Voila, A scroll to top arrow!
I would have used an arrow to point to the arrow but you get the point (LOL, get it point.)

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